Save the date for 2021!

Meeting many desires of the drivers, we are glad to announce that Prokart Estonia will have 4 stages in 2021.

We have also set the dates, so that you can plan your racing schedule accordingly:

ETAPP 1 | 14. – 15.05 (Prokart I, Rotax Eesti KV I etapp)
ETAPP 2 | 11. – 12.06 (Prokart II, Rotax Eesti KV  II etapp)
ETAPP 3 | 30. – 31.07 (Prokart III, Rotax Eesti KV  IV etapp)
ETAPP 4 | 27. – 28.08 (Prokart IV, Rotax Eesti KV  V etapp)

The circuits will be specified a bit later.

Happy 2021 racing year!
Prokart 2021

Thank you for the season of 2020!

Prokart 2020 trophy

All three Prokart Estonia 2020 stages have now been successfully completed and we take a short winter break to start preparing for the upcoming racing season.

Sadly, as a result of continuous COVID-19 spread, we are unable to gather and celebrate the 2020 results before the Christmas. But we are on alert and as soon as the situation will improve, we will announce the event. In case we are not able to organize the public event before the beginning of next season, we will distribute the trophies on the first stage of Prokart 2021.

We will keep you posted.

In the meanwhile, we would like to thank all the teams and drivers for the challenging 2020 and we welcome you all back to Estonian biggest karting series in 2021.

6 – 7.06

Rapla Circuit

( Results! )

17 – 18.07


( Results! )

21 – 22.08


( Results! )