Race 4 - Tabasalu Circuit

The grande finale will be raced in Tabasalu.

The final race in Prokart Estonia series will be raced in Tabasalu on the 4th of September.

The training day is on the 3rd of September and all the other training sessions must be agreed upon with the manager of the racetrack (+372 51 03 404).

Race schedule: Prokart Estonia timetable for Tabasalu (NB! Amended on 2.09)
Race manual (EST): Prokart Estonia, stage 4 – Official event regulation (EST)

Important: Please read the following COVID-19 restriction measures, set by the Republic of Estonia that will apply to the Prokart Estonia stage 4 event:

Prokart Estonia official anti-COVID19 rules

Please note that there is no on-site testing available, so please make sure that you have the appropriate proof with you by the time you will arrive to the event!

Race 3 - Põltsamaa Circuit

The stage 3 race will be in Põltsamaa.

Dear drivers. The next race will be raced in Põltsamaa (Kuningmäe Circuit) on the 31st of July. The training day is on the 30th of July and all the other training sessions must be agreed upon with the owner of the racetrack (http://www.kuningamae.ee/).

Race schedule: Prokart Eesti 3. etapp – ajakava 30.07 ja 31.07.2021 (Põltsamaa)
Race manual (EST): Prokart Eesti Karikavõistluste 3. etapi juhend

Registration is closed!

Race 2 - Aravete Circuit

Event summary from Prokart Estonia Aravete race.

We are glad to see that the grid list of competitors has been impressive again. To be precise, the whole 162 drivers from Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Finland were aligned in different classes on the legendary track of Aravete.

We would like to thank all contestants and especially our guests from neighbouring countries to take the trip and race with the very best drivers in Estonia.

The results can be found on the ASPER Timing homepage and great photos from Olga Vovstok’s gallery on Facebook.

Let’s race again in Põltsamaa on 31st of July.


Race 1 - Rapla circuit

15.05.2021 Youtube stream

16.05.2021 Youtube stream

Season kicks off on 15th of May in Rapla!

Please download the timetable of the first race: Prokart Estonia 2021 – stage 1, Rapla 15 ja 16 of May

Race will take place under the COVID-19 restrictions and it’s mandatory for everyone to wear masks during the entire event. For every driver, we allow one mechanic in the paddock. Sadly parents are also not allowed to the event (if parent is not the mechanic) so please authorize the mechanic or team principal to represent your underage child on the event. Max 10 people are allowed under one tent, hand sanitizers and good ventilation is mandatory.

As no spectators allowed, we provide Youtube Livestream for both days. The links to the stream are available on the site.

NOTICE! This race is not part of IAME Series Estonia but it’s still possible to race with X30 machinery.

NB! Registration window has been closed. See you all on the track.

List of drivers: http://www.mylaps.ee/reg

Save the date for 2021!

Meeting many desires of the drivers, we are glad to announce that Prokart Estonia will have 4 stages in 2021.

We have also set the dates, so that you can plan your racing schedule accordingly:

Stage 1 | 15. – 16.05 | Rapla (Prokart I, Rotax Eesti KV I )
Stage 2 | 11. – 12.06 | Aravete (Prokart II, Rotax Eesti KV  II)
Stage 3 | 30. – 31.07 | Põltsamaa (Prokart III, Rotax Eesti KV  IV)
Stage 4 | 03. – 04.09 | Tabasalu (Prokart IV, Rotax Eesti KV  V, Championship of Tallinn)

The circuits will be specified before each event.

Happy 2021 racing year!
Prokart 2021

Thank you for the season of 2020!

Prokart 2020 trophy

All three Prokart Estonia 2020 stages have now been successfully completed and we take a short winter break to start preparing for the upcoming racing season.

Sadly, as a result of continuous COVID-19 spread, we are unable to gather and celebrate the 2020 results before the Christmas. But we are on alert and as soon as the situation will improve, we will announce the event. In case we are not able to organize the public event before the beginning of next season, we will distribute the trophies on the first stage of Prokart 2021.

We will keep you posted.

In the meanwhile, we would like to thank all the teams and drivers for the challenging 2020 and we welcome you all back to Estonian biggest karting series in 2021.

6 – 7.06

Rapla Circuit

( Results! )

17 – 18.07


( Results! )

21 – 22.08


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